Penis Health Creme Do’s and Don’ts – Correct Usage of a Penis Vitamin Formula

With all the attention on healthy living and taking steps to prevent chronic health problems, more and more men are turning to a penis health creme to provide extra protection for their most prized possession. A penis vitamin formula is an excellent way to provide the penis nutrients needed to maintain optimum penile health, but knowing the right (and wrong) ways to apply it can make all the difference when it comes to experiencing the full benefits.

What is a penis health creme?

A penis creme is a specialized formula that is intended specifically for use on the penis. It should not be confused with other types of penis cremes or oils that claim to enhance performance or size. Rather, a creme like this is intended to provide essential penis nutrients that can have a beneficial effect on the overall health of the penis, including the skin, nerve tissue and blood vessels. A high-quality creme can make up for nutritional gaps in the diet and help to keep the penile tissue functioning properly on a cellular level.

How to use it – 4 Do’s and Don’ts

DO: Use daily. In order to realize the full benefits of a creme like this, it should be used daily – either once or twice, as needed – rather than waiting until problems occur.

DON’T: Use on broken skin or open sores. With that said, neither a penis health formula or any other creme or ointment should be used on broken skin, open sores or cuts unless under the express advice of a doctor.

DO: Apply after a daily shower. Rubbing in a penis cream right after a bath or shower, while the skin is still warm, meaning that the pores will be open and receptive. This allows for maximum absorption of the product.

DON’T: Overdo it. Using more than the recommend amount will not increase the benefits, and instead, it will allow any unabsorbed formula to remain on the surface of the skin or rub off onto clothing. While this should not cause any negative effects, there’s just no need to waste.

DO: Allow for full absorption before any intimate contact. The creme or lotion should be fully absorbed into the penile skin before engaging in intercourse or oral sex. In the event that a partner is sensitive to any of the ingredients, the area should be washed carefully before any skin-to-skin contact takes place.

DON’T: Use as a lubricant. Because creams like this are meant to be absorbed into the skin, they are not effective as lubricants. A water-based personal lubricant without added fragrances or warming agents is recommended for this purpose.

DO: See a doctor regularly. Self-treatment is rarely a good idea, and when problems do occur, they should be addressed by a trained medical professional. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that common penis symptoms can indicate a wide range of conditions, some more serious than others, so qualified medical advice is always recommended.

DON’T: Use a penis cream as a substitute for a prescribed medication. A penis cream is meant as a nourishing, conditioning solution, not as a treatment for any disease. All men should follow their doctor’s advice when it comes to dealing with penis problems.

Which creme to use?

Not all penis cremes are alike, and when it comes to realizing the benefits, men should make an informed decision before laying down their hard-earned cash. In the first place, there are no substitutes. Cremes that are intended for the face or body may contain chemical additives such as fragrances, firming agents or dyes that are often too harsh for the delicate penile tissue. To be effective, a penis vitamin formula (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) should contain the following:

1. High-quality emollients such as Shea butter – a natural tree oil known for its healing properties.

2. Vitamins A and E, for smooth, resilient, supple skin.

3. Vitamin C, for maintaining the skin’s elasticity, as well as antioxidant properties.

4. Amino acids ALCAR and l-Arginine, for healthy erectile function.

5. Vitamin D for overall good health and cellular function.

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Dry Penis Solutions – 7 Reasons Why Men Need a Penis Health Creme

With some exceptions, men tend to be fairly casual about their personal care habits, generally sticking with the shower-shave-haircut routine, with a possible workout added. Asking most men to use a cream or lotion to care for their skin is likely to meet some raised eyebrows, at least from the tougher set. However, the penis should be an exception when it comes to using skin care products, because the penis is subject to some rough treatment, but it has much more delicate skin than more frequently exposed body parts. Seven of the reasons that a man needs a penis health creme as part of his daily penis care regimen are described here.
Dry skin – Dry penis skin is a common problem that may be caused by harsh soaps, extremely hot or cold weather, spermicides, masturbation without the benefit of a lube, and a host of other issues. A dry penis can be itchy and uncomfortable; the skin may crack and peel, leading to an unattractive appearance and an increased likelihood of injury.
Reduced sensitivity – At least 87% of men will experience some loss of penis sensation, and in some cases, this reduction in sensitivity can be enough to make sex more of a chore than a pleasure. Nutrient support for the penile skin and nerve tissue that is provided by a penis health formula can help to ensure healthy cell function, ensuring that stressed tissue can repair itself and prevent loss of penile sensation.
Red penis skin – masturbation and sex can both cause the penis skin to become reddened, sore and uncomfortable. An after-intimacy shower, followed up with an application of a soothing moisturizer, can help to alleviate this uncomfortable side effect.
Rash after sex or masturbation – both the friction of sex and exposure to latex, spermicides, lubes or a partner’s body fluids can cause a post-coital rash to erupt. Soothing irritated skin with a moisturizing vitamin formula is suggested after every encounter.
Cuts on the penis – Men often complain of cuts, scratches or tears on the penis skin and/or foreskin. These are often caused by skin irritation or yeast infections, and they can be accompanied by swelling, redness, itching and discharge. A vitamin cream can help to keep yeast under control and prevent this uncomfortable problem.
Wrinkles and aging – Just like the rest of the body, the penile skin is subject to the ravages of time and gravity. Men who use a penis health formula on a daily basis may be able to stave off the inevitable, preventing wrinkled skin, age spots and other signs that they are not as young as they used to be.
Disease protection – Protecting the integrity of the skin with a vitamin-rich penis health cream can help the penis to resist external invaders such as bacteria and fungal spores that can wreak havoc on the tender skin. Adding an antioxidant-enriched blend of nutrients may also lower the risk of oxidative damage.

Choosing a penis health creme

Once a man has made the choice to invest in a good penis health creme, the next step is to choose the right product. Not all creams and lotions are designed especially for the penis, and using a product that has chemical additives or alcohol may smell nice, but cause further irritation and bigger problems down the road. A specially designed penis health formula (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) that is created specifically for use on the male tissue is safer and healthier for the delicate skin. Men should choose a formula with natural moisturizers, as well as added vitamins and other nutrients to support supple, smooth and responsive penile skin.

Penis Health Facts – How Daily Penis Care can Prevent Common Problems

It seems there is never enough time in the morning — no matter how early a guy gets up. Men are rushing to the shower, rushing through the morning routine, only to sit in rush hour traffic to get to work. Unfortunately, all this rushing can cause a man to rush through things important to his overall health. Skipping breakfast too often can lead to a poorly balanced diet, overeating at lunch and even issues with one’s metabolism. Rushing through or skipping teeth care, can lead to cavities. Rushing or skipping penis care can lead to a loss of sensation, dry cracked skin, and in some cases, even Peyronie’s disease. Learn more about the importance of taking a few moments out of the day to engage in penis care.

Why is penis care important?

Most men do not give caring for the penis a second thought. The equipment may get a quick shot of soap in the shower, and that is all the attention to penis care the little guy gets until it is time for a checkup from the doctor. Unfortunately, this lackadaisical approach to penis care can dramatically impact the health and wellness of the penis. Why? The answer is simple: the penis gets used, and used often. Furthermore, though the penis is a very sensitive part of the male anatomy, it is not treated with gentleness 24/7. Rough sex, masturbation and even the rubbing up against zippers and rough jeans while urinating, can all take a toll on the skin of the penis. This can lead to dry, itchy, irritated and even cracking skin in an area where itching is not always publically acceptable. What man hasn’t done an awkward lunge or squat to try to sneakily scratch an irritated unit?

Dry skin is not the only problem of a neglected penis. The wear and tear of frequent use can actually damage the delicate tissue of the penis, burst blood vessels and lead to plaque buildup on the shaft of the penis. This condition, known as Peyronie’s disease, can cause a painful curvature of the penis, and in extreme cases, make sex difficult and unpleasant. The scar tissue that builds up as a result of Peyronie’s disease can also shorten the penis — and penis length is one thing no man wants to part with.

How to care for the penis

Fortunately, caring for the penis doesn’t have to make a man late for work in the morning. Adding just a few seconds to the grooming routine can make all the difference in the health of the penis. Simply adding a penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to the pre-work routine can improve the quality of the penis skin, enhance sensitivity, and help fight Peyronie’s disease. When choosing a penis health formula, men should select one that is all natural and formulated from vitamins and minerals that target penis health. To reap the benefits of a penis health formula, simply massage the lotion into the penis immediately after the shower – while the skin is still damp. Doing so will help lock in moisture to heal dry, itchy skin leaving the skin healthy and supple. A penis formula containing Acetyl L Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid can also help to reverse years of cell damage that have gradually built up from the daily wear and tear of the penis. The combination of the two ingredients improves oxygen flow to the penis, while healing the tiny blood vessels, which adds up to improved sensitivity and a healthier penis. This one simple change a day can make for a healthier penis, and a healthy penis is a happy penis.

The 3 Visible Results of Women’s Total Health Formulas

Total Health Women’s Formula is one of the many nutritional support or supplement that can help you lose weight and can either get rid of that unwanted fat or prevent fatty deposits in the body through its intervention as a dietary supplement. This formula also can assist you to recover faster from very strenuous activities as in exercise routines. When you engaged in an extremely physical activity, it gives you the needed energy to still go on. Taking this formula guarantees you to have that needed energy while you are working out so hard. It is one of those formulas that compliment your body while doing workouts and exercise routines.

Slimming products promises a “Feel great while losing weight” feeling to every user desiring to or enticed to use it. For most brands, this is a famous line appearing on their product, website and even ads. There are testimonies that proved these claims while others are still to prove its effects. When you start to use this formula, the following are the most visible results that could tell you that it is already taking effect:

1.Provides for an improved regulation of the thyroid. There are ingredients in the formula like the ephedra component that guarantees the correct function and appropriate response of the thyroid gland. With the correct function and response of the gland it can aid in giving energy to the body while keeping it fit and fat-free. On the other hand, ephedra is a natural ingredient thus, it renders the formula safe to take and you can be assured that there will be no side effects that will arise.

2.It helps the body in the faster removal of fat. As we all know, the thyroid gland performs a key role in the conversion of the fat into energy. It helps to process fat and store it in a form that can be used by the body for any physical activity later in the future. This characteristic helps also to in prevent accumulation of fat resulting in fat deposits in the body.

3.It can help reduce the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS as well as lessen symptoms related to menopause. The isoplavone contents of these formulas that gives this benefit to the user. Reducing PMS symptoms and menopausal syndrome is just one of the many advantages of isoflavones in soy that is used in the formula.

These are only the general results, tangible results that you can get from this type of nutritional supplement. With these results and effects in using the formula, there is no doubt of you to agree that these products are worth calling a total health formula for women who likes to look better, firmer and slimmer.

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The Health Formula – How Do You Rate?

It’s true. The key to understanding health can be summed up with one simple formula. (Even if those math courses weren’t your favorite, this is one you won’t want to ignore.) The formula is: your health is directly proportionate to the time and quality you devote to it. Or, in mathematical terms:

Health = Time x Quality

To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn…

Peter Seeger had it right in his hit song – there’s time for every purpose. What he forgot to mention is that how you spend your time is your choice. And that choice affects your health. For example, the woman who works out 45 minutes, 5 days a week every week will see greater results than the woman who works out 45 minutes, 5 days a month. Likewise, the man whose diet varies between fast food and healthy food (whole grains, fruits, veggies, proteins) will not benefit as much as the man who consistently consumes only healthy food. How much time you spend, or how consistent you are in your quest for health is a direct variable to your health.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Yes, the quality of your food, supplements, and exercise are important. But the quality of your mindset is vital. In this day and age of multi-tasking, the idea of focusing on the task at hand seems to be outdated. But when we’re talking about something as serious as your health (i.e. your life), maybe it’s time to get your mind in the game.

How Do You Rate?

Poor Health = Inconsistent Time x Low-Quality

Excellent Health = Consistent Time x High-Quality

That old saying still holds true: You only get out of it what you put into it. So, evaluate and then re-evaluate. Keep what works and change what doesn’t. It’s the only way to improve. You just may find that in the process, you are not only becoming healthier, but your life is fuller and holds more meaning.


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DHA – The Health Formula

Over the past few years, there has been a hype about DHA in terms of its health benefits. It is widely advertised with products such as baby powder and supplements. DHA, Docosahexaenoic acid, is a very important omega-3 fatty acids required by our body. It is essential especially for pregnant women and for the development of the fetal’s brain and eye. In addition, research has shown that DHA is also good for people with cardiovascular diseases, depression.

DHA is very important for the development of the brain and retina especially for the fetus. Since the only source of DHA comes from the mother, pregnant women require a higher intake of DHA to meet her body’s needs. After birth, the baby still requires a high amount of DHA for brain development. Even in adult hood, a good intake of DHA ensures a good mental health. This means that you are less prone to dementia, depression and other mental diseases.

Studies have also shown that DHA may also benefit your heart and prevent you from getting cardiovascular diseases. However, if you already have a heart disease, DHA reduces the chances of another attack. For patients who have undergone bypass surgery, it prevents the blood vessel from closing up again.

DHA can be obtained from fish oil which also contains EPA, eicosapentaenoic acid, yet another form of omega-3 fatty acids. The combination of DHA and EPA is believed to have a greater health benefit to our body. If you are a vegetarian, do not worry because there are other sources of omega-3 such as soya bean, brussels sprouts, flax seeds etc.

Two servings of fatty fish per week is recommended to supplement your body with sufficient DHA.

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A Health Formula for Everyone

If health is wealth then the world seems to be losing its riches rather fast. Lifestyles indicate clearly that unless reforms are taken, more and more people will fall prey to obesity and its linked diseases. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHC) has demonstrated via its report published in October 2008 that a simple health formula can change things around tremendously.

The report states that performing aerobic exercise for about 150 minutes per week can help phenomenally in staying healthy and fit. This moderately intense workout can be of absolutely any type that suits the individual. Right from weight lifting to cycling to even a brisk walk, almost any physical exertion will serve the purpose well. In fact, the report also states that simple household chores like mowing the lawn or mopping the floor can also contribute towards following the 150 minute formula proposed by the department.

Allowing a free hand in selecting the physical activity to be undertaken makes the 150 minute per week rule easy to adopt by almost everyone. The HHC report details itself by providing recommendations for exercises that are deemed suitable for various age groups. The flexibility offered by such a plan is indeed attractive and readers find it much simpler to follow rather than an exercise regime that has more rigid demands.

The report suggests that children between the ages of 6 to 17 years must put in at least 60 minutes of physical activity into each day. This can be easily broken up into three slots of 20 minutes each rather than undertaking it all at once. Walking or cycling to school, attending PE classes and even playing in the backyard with a ball for 20 minutes each, will serve the purpose well. Parents need to educate themselves about providing children with opportunities to use their physical abilities and thus cultivate a healthy lifestyle in them.

But while most of us do pay attention to our children’s need for physical play, we tend to sometimes ignore our daily dose of exercise due to our hectic schedules. Interestingly, the HHC report does offer solutions for those who are short on time. Instead of trying to accomplish a 150 minute per week benchmark, the report suggests opting for a 30 minutes a day routine, three times a week. Simply pushing oneself to perform harder during this time is enough to reap benefits similar to those of the 150 minute a week routine. And for this one may adopt anything right from running, jogging, swimming to even weight training.

For those who are above 65 years of age a certain caution needs to be maintained and this is the reason why the report promotes exercises like resistance bands and walking, which help in strengthening the body while minimizing the danger of an injury.

In short the HHC report puts forward the perfect exercise formula and along with it offers advice on how it can be adopted by almost anyone for great results.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you in your weight loss efforts. If you are serious about losing weight the natural way without dangerous pills, supplements or fad diets be sure the check out the Ultimate Fat Loss Guide today at: []

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Health Formula: Walking, Water Therapy, and Fruits

To stay fit and healthy, follow this proven health formula: walking, water therapy, and fruits. It can achieve you health, maintain it for you, and even help with healing in some cases. Consider these super benefits:

1. Walking is definitely good for you. Doctors recommend it for maintaining health. They recommend it even to those with weak heart or lungs or to diabetics. You can only benefit health-wise if you regularly walk. If done regularly, walking from 40 minutes to an hour helps you unclog your body systems. It’s a sure health formula.

It helps your heart pump more oxygen into your blood stream and supply food and nutrients to your cells. The increased blood flow also helps clean your body of toxins through the blood cells. While you work up your heart and lungs and sweat through brisk walking your body enjoys all-natural nourishment and detoxification.

Moreover, as you breathe more deeply, you use your lungs better and fill them up with more oxygen. That means stronger lungs and more food (oxygen) for your cells. Healthier cells means healthier body organs. That means a much healthier you.

2. Water therapy first thing early in the morning, on an empty stomach, is powerful detoxification. Do it at 5 am. At this hour the body does its natural detoxification process, and water therapy bolsters its power even more. We all know what toxins can do to our health. If they stay in our system we get sick, even fatally. With some stubborn toxins that cling and build up in us, the body’s natural detox process is not enough anymore. This is where water therapy comes in.

Also, when we are re-hydrated in the morning it tremendously powers up our body. If you sleep for 8 hours, you also deprive your body of water for the same period. Thus, you need to drink water (3 glasses successively) before you do your walking workout. Water can help normalize blood pressure, sugar levels, and improve thinking and moods. That’ a powerful health formula.

3. Eat fresh fruit about 10 to 15 minutes after water therapy, like two bananas or an apple. An empty stomach early in the morning is ready to absorb quickly any food you give it. Imagine your body getting fresh fruit nutrition pronto at a time when your system is refreshed and well rested to function perfectly again–and the first thing it processes is nutritious fresh fruit. That’s health to the 100th power for your body! Then you can proceed with your regular walking workout.

Just remember the health formula: walking, water therapy, and fruits.

Juancho S. Gaerlan has been a fitness and martial arts instructor for years. He has written many articles on health and fitness, and weight loss supplements, especially for [] where he regularly edits write ups, reviews, and other articles submitted by members for free. He also writes his fun fitness experiences through walking at

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